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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium has resumed relations with the GLNF

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Brussels, Belgium. The Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium suspended GLNF's recognition in 2012. Despite this, along with the Grand Lodges of Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland, the Grand Lodge supported the formation of a French Masonic Confederation which would include the Grand Lodge of France, but things took an unexpected turn.

The Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium decided to recognize again GLNF, considered to be the sole Grand Lodge meeting the criteria of regularity and recognition throughout France. Belgium considers that the latest actions of GLdF are duplicitous and that GLdF does not comply to the Basel Declaration to which it was said they wish to adhere.

GLNF ends its relation with the Supreme Council for France

Paris, France. The long awaited moment came. The French National Grand Lodge took note of the position of the Supreme Council and decided to break off all relations with it. Following the decree issued by Grand Master Jean Pierre Servel, GLNF members are not allowed to join the Scottish Rite bodies of the SCplF and are prohibited from participating at any Masonic events under its command.

The Duke of Kent was nominated as Grand Master

Thursday, 11 December 2014

London, United Kingdom. HRH The Duke of Kent, Most Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, has been nominated as Grand Master for the ensuing year at the helm of UGLE. Yesterday was held the last Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge for this year and, in accordance with the decisions taken, it was communicated the following:

  • HRH The Duke of Kent was nominated as Grand Master for the ensuing year,
  • It will be established the second office of Assistant Grand Chancellor,
  • There were chartered 4 new Lodges, their number reaching 9902,
  • A new Grand Lodge was recognized,
  • The next Quarterly Communication will take place on 11 March 2015.

England, Scotland and Ireland present at GLNF's Annual Communication

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Paris, France. GLNF's status on the Masonic world scene is clear, and this was visibly noted at the Annual Communication of the French National Grand Lodge held in Paris. GLNF, the second largest Masonic force in France (according with the number of Freemasons) conducted this Saturday (December 6th) the Annual Communication which was attended by 47 Grand Lodges, alongside the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

The event was attended by representatives of the Grand Lodges of Brazil, Albania, Slovakia, Ghana, Montenegro, Cyprus, Macedonia, Mauritius, Niger, Armenia, Cameroon, Djibouti, Congo, Andorra, Morocco, Moldova, Guinea, Croatia, Burkina Faso, Madagascar Russia, Benin, Bulgaria, Togo, China (Taipei), Israel, Poland, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Spain, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Canada, United States, Italy and Romania (which was represented by Grand Master Radu Balanescu, Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Grand Lodges).

The epresentatives of the British Grand Lodges (Grand Master of Scotland, Grand Master of Ireland and Pro Grand Master of England) were cheered at open stage. Grand Master Jean Pierre Servel received from the Duke of Kent the Gold Medal of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Grand Lodge of Spain: corruption is the biggest problem

Madrid, Spain. According to the latest barometer of the Grand Lodge of Spain, corruption is the biggest problem within the country. Freemasons believe that corruption is the biggest problem of Spain, while the population believes it is the unemployment. Asked if they can mention two of the main problems, Freemasons answered corruption and unemployment and the population said unemployment and corruption. What is interesting is that Freemasons considered the crisis of values as the third most important issue facing the country.

The Masonic Press Agency will continue to announce the results of the fourth Masonic barometer conducted by the Grand Lodge of Spain.

Leandros Lefakis is the new leader of the Scottish Rite in Greece

Athens, Greece. Following the resignation of the Greek Sovereign Grand Commander, Raphael de Sigoura, followed by the resignation of the Grand Orator, the new leader of the Scottish Rite in Greece is Dr. Leandros Lefakis. He will be assisted by S. Andriotis (Lieutenant Grand Commander) and D. Arar (Grand Chancellor & Secretary General).

Harcharan Singh Ranauta is the new Grand Master of India

Thursday, 27 November 2014

New Delhi, India. On 22-23 November 2014 was held the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of India. The Grand Lodge of India is the largest Masonic organization in Asia and was founded in 1961. Harcharan Singh Ranauta was elected Grand Master and will take over the mandate from Vasudev J. Masurekar. The new Grand Master will be installed in office in November 2015.

Grand Master of Chile was visited by Minister Victor Osorio

Santiago, Chile. Luis Riveros Cornejo (Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Chile) received this month the visit of Minister of National Assets, Víctor Osorio, and Under Secretary Jorge Maldonado. The leader of Chilean Freemasonry discussed with the two officials about cooperation in the field of national heritage.

The Grand Master said it is willing to provide the heritage archives of the Grand Lodge to the State, heritage which includes the historical evolution of Chile from colony to republic.

Annual Communication of the Supreme Council for Spain (2014)

Bilbao, Spain. During 7 to 8 November 2014 was held the Annual Communication of the Supreme Council for Spain. The event was attended by leaders and delegations of the Supreme Councils of Romania, Germany, Israel, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal and Bulgaria.

The first day was held a conference on "Freemasonry seen by others" (by Rosa María Martínez Segarra), and the next day were presented four papers on the topic: "Inspirational principles of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite". At the end of the day was held the Annual Communication during which there were received delegations from Europe and Israel. The Alberto Martínez-Lacaci International Prize (awarded annually by the Supreme Council for Spain) was handed this year to the Sovereign Grand Commander of France, Jean-Luc Fauque, 33º.




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