United Grand Lodge of England disavows recording devices in Lodge

Friday, 12 September 2014

London, United Kingdom. The United Grand Lodge of England has approached again the issue of the presence and use of audio and video media outfits in the open Lodge. UGLE considers that all devices (phones, tablets and digital video recorders) must be turned off, The Grand Lodge believes that the new social media communication (Facebook, Twitter etc.) must be used properly.

UGLE's position reveals a reality with which Freemasonry is facing today, and this problem is extremely important for the discipline of Freemasons worldwide. The next Quarterly Communication will take place on December 10, 2014.

International Symposium organized by the Supreme Council of Cuba

Havana, Cuba. This is the second edition of the Symposium organized annually by the Supreme Council of Cuba. This year's theme is: Masonry and its Integration in the Current Society. The event takes place from 11 to 14/15 September 2014.

The Symposium starts today at 9:00 A.M. with the speech of Sovereign Grand Commander Lázaro Faustino Cuesta Valdés.

G. R. Edwards is the new Grand Master of South Africa

Monday, 25 August 2014

Cape Town, South Africa. On 23 August 2014 was held the Installation Ceremony of the new Grand Master of South Africa, Most Worshipful G. R. Edwards. Friday night there was a dinner offered by the South African Past Grand Master for the Heads of the foreign Masonic delegations, and Saturday was held the Annual Communication and installation of the new leader of the Grand Lodge of South Africa.

Grand Lodges of England, Scotland and Ireland react after the "Berlin Declaration"

London, United Kingdom. The Grand Lodges of England, Scotland and Ireland have reacted following the "Berlin Declaration". The three Grand Lodges issued what might be called the London Declaration, as an official response addressed to the Grand Lodge of Central Europe.

UGLEsays that the only Grand Lodge that meets the standards of regularity is the French National Grand Lodge - GLNF. The leaders of the Grand Lodges argue that the GLNF matter and the Masonic Confederation of France matter are two different subjects and therefore should be treated differently. They also appeal to the ancient principles of Freemasonry and state that the only one who can decide whether to share or not jurisdiction, in this case, will be GLNF. Without GLNF, the member Grand Lodges of the Confederation and the Confederation would not be recognized.

Grand Chancellor of the French National Grand Lodge: Basic Principles of Universal Freemasonry can not be negotiated

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Paris, France. Following the Berlin Declaration (document signed by the Grand Lodges of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium), the French National Grand Lodge responded by issuing a world-wide circular signed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master and Right Worshipful Grand Chancellor.

Grand Master Servel asked his counterparts around the world how would they react when someone would try to impose a new "Masonic landscape" in their jurisdiction, showing his outrage regarding the way in which those five Grand Lodges in Central Europe are acting.

GLNF's Grand Chancellor also announced his counterparts in other jurisdictions and draws attention regarding the dangerous precedent that could lead to the destabilization of various jurisdictions in the world, causing chaos, stating that the basic principles of Universal Freemasonry can not be negotiated.

2014 Masonic Meeting of Mercosur

Buenos Aires, Argentina. On August 23rd, 2014, will take place the annual Masonic Meeting of Mercosur, event was hosted by the Grand Lodge in the town of Posadas in Argentina's Misiones province. During the session will take place interventions of members of the Grand Lodges of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and those of Brazil.

Representatives of Paraguay and Uruguay will discuss about Violence & Education (in Masonic terms), those of Argentina will discuss about Violence & Society (in Masonic terms), and the members of the Grand Lodges of Brazil will debate on Violence & State (in Masonic terms).

Temple of Grand Lodge of Liberia closed due to Ebola virus

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Monrovia, Liberia. Following the disaster caused by the Ebola virus in West Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea), African Freemasons began to adopt measures preventing the spread of the virus. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Liberia decided to close the Grand Masonic Temple in Monrovia starting with 28 July 2014.

According to the official communication, the Temple of Monrovia will not host Masonic meetings, Initiations, or other specific activities and ceremonies of Freemasonry.

Gilbert Stepanian is the new Grand Master of Armenia

Friday, 25 July 2014

Yerevan, Armenia. In mid July took place the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Armenia. On this occasion also took place the Installation Ceremony of Grand Master Gilbert Stepanian, 33°. The new Grand Master of Armenia was in 2010 Worshipful Master of Mithras Lodge of Perfection in Washington. In the morning, before the convention, the Grand Masters visited the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan. In the following days also took place the Annual Communication of the Supreme Council of Armenia.

Simon Bolivar's sword came into the possession of the Grand Lodge of Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela. The Sword one of the best known Freemasons in Latin America, Simon Bolivar, came yesterday into the possession of the Grand Lodge of Venezuela. The Bolivarian Society of Venezuela gave the artifact to Estrella Bolivar Lodge #118, founded 65 years ago on July 24. The Freemason Simon Bolivar is revered in countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama, as a symbol of freedom.

Bolivia: IX Reunion of the Sovereign Grand Commanders of South America

Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Bolivia's Supreme Council hosted on May 29 to 31, 2014, the IX Reunion of the  during the Sovereign Grand Commanders of South America. Sovereign Grand Commander Jorge Enrique Inofuentes Peix said that the event was attended by the Supreme Councils of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador. Columbia could not be represented because its leader was in the hospital. Also, the Supreme Councils of Panama, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria attended as observers.

Also, in an interview at the event, the leader of the Scottish Rite in Bolivia stated that he welcomes and respects Women's Freemasonry. The statement was made in the context of a question launched by the reporter who asked why women are not allowed in Freemasonry.




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